Our underlying drive is to assist customers in solving plastic related challenges...whether your need is in initial product development and launch, solving long-standing part quality or service issues, or just finding an alternate supplier, Molding Solutions is staffed to serve your particular need.

Brothers Mike and Matt Jacobs, both degreed in Plastics Engineering, honed their engineering and creative skills working in the plastics industry for over 25 years prior to starting the company.

The Molding Solutions family of companies was founded in 1996. Our commitment to quality, technical excellence and over-the-top customer service has resulted in expansion to 3 facilities in Illinois and Michigan. Each plant start up was strategically located to service customers' local needed. These locations allow us to better serve the entire Midwest region.

Although we are primarily a regional company, you will find our products and our customers globally.

We are committed to continuing our aggressive growth pattern and opening satellite plants wherever necessary to best serve our growing customer base.